Citing ‘Censorship’ Concerns, North Idaho ISP Blocks Facebook and Twitter


    jasonbuechler writes: A North Idaho internet provider, Your T1 WIFI, emailed customers to say customers would need to opt-in to access Facebook and Twitter from its service. They wisely seem to have changed their mind on that after it started garnering attention on social media. The ISP says it decided to restrict service this way after receiving numerous calls from customers concerned about censorship. “They could do this themselves but some do not have the technical knowledge to do so and it would be very tiresome for us to do it for them and it would be expensive to visit each customer that wants this done,” the company wrote in an email. The customers’ requests for firewalls preventing access to these sites followed the tech giants’ decisions to close down Donald Trump’s accounts and suspend his activity. After the decision started attracting attention on social media, the owner of the company said the websites would only be blocked for customers who asked. notes that Your T1 WIFI “may violate Washington state’s Net Neutrality law, which states that internet providers may not manipulate access to content.” Read more of this story at Slashdot.


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