CBS Rome Correspondent Got Novel Coronavirus in New York


    ROME—CBS News Rome correspondent Seth Doane confirmed that he has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, but he didn’t contract it in Italy, where cases have nearly hit 25,000 in the last three weeks. He says he got it when he was at the network headquarters in New York. Doane spoke about his experience on Monday on CBS This Morning, explaining that when he had learned that he was exposed to at least three of the six CBS News employees with COVID-19 when he returned to Rome last week, he self-quarantined.Then he said he developed a “worrying” cough that he knew was not normal, had body aches, but only a slight sporadic fever. Because he was considered a high risk for exposure, he called the Italian coronavirus hotline and they sent in medical professionals in full hazmat suits right away. Doane tested positive, but his husband tested negative, meaning the two are quarantining from each other inside their apartment.Read more at The Daily Beast.


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