Calling All Tonic Lovers: Have We Got a Cocktail For You


    Courtesy Andrew OlsenWhat inspired you to create this cocktail? “In 2012, I worked at a historically relevant hotel in Kansas City, and we served a style of cocktail very similar to this one. The cocktail was quite balanced, radiant in color and enthusiastically effervescent. Someone could say this cocktail very much represents what we need during all this chaos; positivity in a glass.”When would you serve this drink? “I’d love to serve this to a group of friends sitting around a fire, on the edge of a lake, reminiscing and sharing some laughs. Sometimes cocktails can be the glue for social interaction, and serving this drink among friends is the preferred serve at all times. Hopefully, there might even be a blackberry bush nearby, so I can pick the berries fresh!”What music would you pair it with? “I come from a city that is crawling with talented jazz musicians. Musical improvisation was made popular in Kansas City through the likes of Count Basie and Charlie Parker and this cocktail is no different. I imagine this cocktail comes with an implied level of enthusiasm and confidence. Unapologetic energy and light.” Read more at The Daily Beast.


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