Buying Refurbished Tech Products Is Beneficial for Your Wallet and the Planet


    When contemplating the purchase of a refurbished phone, you may be greeted with a whole host of reasons not to. You may have heard horror stories of things going wrong, how useless the warranty is, or how it will never feel like “something new.” In a society where hand-me-downs are often seen in a negative light, it’s not surprising that most consumers overlook buying a refurbished phone. It’s reasonable to ask yourself: why should you buy an as-good-as-new product when you can buy a brand new one instead?Turns out there are many reasons, but perhaps the most compelling is the price. A refurbished 64 GB iPhone XS purchased from Decluttr is only $499, which is 57% cheaper than a new iPhone XS. Decluttr’s low prices for top-of-the-line refurbished tech devices have resulted in three million devices being sold in the last year alone. In addition to saving your bank account, buying refurbished can help save the planet. Read more at The Daily Beast.


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