‘Blood on Their Hands’: Trader Joe’s Workers Are Angry and Terrified


    Kevin Lamarque/ReutersIt’s hard to overstate just how much life for working people in the United States has changed since the novel coronavirus first reared its ugly head in January. At least 16 million people have lost their jobs, and millions more are teetering on the brink. But now that stay-at-home orders have been issued widely, and life in most major cities has ground to a halt, those lucky enough to have the option to stay home—or to have one at all—find some of their few remaining interactions with strangers come at the grocery store.They may not get as much attention as health-care professionals or striking warehouse workers right now, but grocery store workers have been—and still are—on the front lines of this crisis. And as has become more and more apparent in recent days, just like their counterparts in hot zones like Italy before them, they are in mortal danger. On Monday, a Trader Joe’s worker in Scarsdale, New York, died from COVID-19, marking the nationwide grocery chain’s first casualty. Following the worker’s death, the Scarsdale location was shuttered until Thursday. The company has suggested the worker’s “underlying health conditions” helped lead to their demise, and it is not clear if the worker contracted the illness on the job—nor whether other employees at the same store may have become sick.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here


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