Biden’s Out-of-the-Basement Strategy: Pummel Trump as Unsafe


    Win McNameeFor much of the pandemic presidential cycle, President Donald Trump has invariably cackled at what he deems to be Joe Biden’s “sleepy” and “slow” nature, constructing an image for voters of an older guy “who never leaves his basement,” public health precautions be damned.After the Democratic nominee announced that he would soon phase in physical appearances to several battleground states, it still didn’t seem to matter to Trump that the homebound message no longer really applied. He just carried on with the chants. “Here’s what I don’t get,” the president contemplated aloud during his hour-plus speech in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Friday evening. “Sleepy Joe’s coming out, he said, in 10 days. Ten days! That’s a long time. Ten days. Ten days. That’s like, an eternity in Trumpville,” he went on. “Ten days. He’s much better off where he is.”Read more at The Daily Beast.


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