Bernie Sanders Could Be the First Jewish Nominee—and Get Fewer Jewish Votes Than Hillary Clinton


    Scott Olson/Getty ImagesThe Jewish vote in presidential elections always goes to the Democrats, with only a small percentage going to the GOP. In 2016, Hillary Clinton received 71 percent of it, while Donald Trump got only 24 percent. It’s a small vote—just 3 percent of the total in 2016, according to exit polls—but it’s important because in states like Florida, that small percentage could mean the difference between victory and defeat.If Bernie Sanders becomes the nominee of the Democratic Party in 2020, that could tilt things toward defeat.A recent Pew Research Poll reveals that 31 percent of American Jews support Joe Biden for the nomination, while only 11 percent support Sanders. While 13 percent of Jews approve of Trump’s performance as president,  48 percent do not. Twenty-four percent of Jews say they will vote for Trump in 2020, matching his 2016 support, but just 57 percent say they’ll vote for the Democratic candidate. Read more at The Daily Beast.


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