Bernie Sanders Campaign Says Asking for His Health Records Is a ‘Smear’ Like Birtherism


    CNNYou might think it’s not too big of an ask to see comprehensive medical records from Sen. Bernie Sanders, the 78-year-old potential president who suffered from a heart attack just months ago, especially as he promised “full disclosure” of his medical history in an interview last year.But, not only has he failed to fulfill that promise so far, his campaign team is now condemning people for requesting that information—and appearing to invent medical problems for rival Democratic candidates.In an interview with CNN’s New Day on Wednesday morning, the campaign’s national press secretary, Briahna Joy Gray, compared requests for Sanders’ full medical records to the birtherism attacks volleyed at former President Barack Obama. She also claimed that fellow candidate Mike Bloomberg has suffered from “heart attacks” in the past—although she later said in a tweet that she “misspoke” after it was pointed out that there was no evidence for that.Read more at The Daily Beast.


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