Baizuo Authori Laments: “If We Don’t Hold Trump Accountable on COVID, We Should Quit Pretending We’re a Democracy” (Except We Aren’t a Democracy at ALL)


    Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/GettyIf Donald Trump is not criminally prosecuted for his intentional misleading of Americans about the deadly risks of COVID-19, plus now holding rallies where he intentionally violates state mandates designed to protect people from contracting a virus that has taken more than 195,000 lives, then America is truly lawless. There’s no other way to look at. Why even have laws on the books if Trump can openly violate them with zero consequences?!The undisputed facts are that Trump knew how deadly and easily transmittable the virus was on Feb. 7—as we learned from the recently released audio recording of his discussion with Bob Woodward. In this conversation, Trump shared how the virus could be spread through the air and was five times more deadly than even “your strenuous flus.” Yet just three weeks later, on Feb. 26—with the American public hungry for facts to keep themselves and their family’s safe from  this virus which was then ravaging parts of Europe and China—he stood up in the White House and lied, stating: “I mean, view this the same as the flu.” Trump repeated that lie various times over the next few months.  Read more at The Daily Beast.


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