At A Jupiter Elementary School, A Vending Machine Doles Out Books, Not Snacks


    Vending machines in school cafeterias aren’t always a huge hit with parents. They usually hold chips, cookies, sugary drinks and other snacks that worry health-conscious adults. The vending machine in Jerry Thomas Elementary’s cafeteria, on the other hand, is doling out something that all parents can get behind – books. The Jupiter school installed a “ Bookworm” vending machine last fall. Students earn tokens for reading and good behavior. They drop them into the vending machine, type in the letter and number of the book they want, and it drops, with a thunk, to where it can be picked up from a slot at the base of the machine. It’s part of a school-wide effort to reward kids for good behavior. “We’re rewarding them and recognizing them for behaviors that they are taught,” said principal Jeffrey Eassa. “They are awarded a token to the book vending machine, and then as they collect those tokens, they can spend them on Friday at the book vending machine.” Students can earn different


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