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    - Raymond Todd Blackwood

    Have you ever asked someone a question and the answer was, “It depends”? It depends on the time, the circumstance or your own characteristics. As people, we can listen to the question and observe different factors

    - Raymond Todd Blackwood

    According to recent Gartner research, “by 2022, 20% of customer service will be handled by conversational agents.” If that is true, then what does that mean for students on a university campus?

    - Raymond Todd Blackwood

    One of the most rewarding parts of being a parent is watching your child develop and grow. As time passes you see the child gain new skills, learn to walk, read, tie their shoes, until they

    - Ashley Prince

    We’re honored to announce that Campus Management has been named a finalist in two categories of the EdTech Digest Cool Tool Awards! Recognized for product excellence for each category, Campus Management’s

    - Amy Davidson

    Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design Goes 100% Online Amid the Pandemic How are institutions responding in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic? How are they keeping their students engaged and on track with their academic and careers goals?

    - Kevin Roberts, former Abilene Christian University, Vice President of Operations and CIO

    The late Barbara Jordan (1976) once said, “For all its uncertainty, we cannot flee the future.” In today’s environment we can all feel the truth of those words. The quickly unfolding events of the last few days

    - Magda El Baggar

     “Automation” has been the main buzzword in student financial aid in recent years, with many higher ed solutions, including student information systems, touting automation for FAFSA processing, exceptions management and more. Perhaps the new buzzword should be “Verification.”

    - Ashley Prince

    Migrating from database and application infrastructure to the cloud is now taking center stage for organizations across all industries, including higher ed – in fact, a recent survey found that 60 percent

    - Ashley Prince

    The year is off to a running start, with 2020 bringing the promise of new innovations to address the higher ed landscape’s most critical pain points – including implementing technology to combat

    - Michael Dillon

    How satisfied are today’s institutions with their current ERP system? Is the technology living up to their expectations, operational needs, and goals? Is the platform delivering the insight needed to develop and execute strategies?


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